Our Services

Incorporation and support for legal entities in various jurisdictions

Vitalscope Management Ltd1 offers companies a full range of incorporation2 and support services in various jurisdictions (Cyprus, United Kingdom, British Virgin Islands, Seychelles, Belize, Hong Kong, Singapore etc.), from registration and administrative support to setting up offices, staff recruitment, corporate management and assistance in the opening of bank accounts.*

* Provision of any and all services is subject to internal due diligence procedures in compliance with the law of the European Union and Republic of Cyprus applicable to Vitalscope Management Ltd (including the Prevention and Suppression of Money Laundering Activities Law No. 188(I)/2007 and Directive 2005/60/EC of the European Parliament and the European Council of October 26, 2005 on prevention of the use of the financial system for the purposes of money laundering or terrorist financing), and in accordance with the Law No. 196(I)/2012 of the Republic of Cyprus Regulating Companies Providing Administrative Services and Related Matters.

Document management, administrative services and support

Vitalscope Management Ltd provides a wide range of administrative support services

  • administrative support, secretarial services
  • provision of registered address and post office box
  • document management and archiving
  • duty and fee payment control
  • company register maintenance
  • notarial (certifying officer) services and apostille certification in Cyprus
  • translation of documents from/to the English language
  • notarial certification of translated documents
  • advice on legalisation and apostille procedures
  • advice on transaction documents and their legal review

Corporate practice, reorganisation and restructuring of legal entities

Vitalscope Management Ltd legalises and registers any changes in management bodies and capital structure, advises on the registration procedures that legal entities, their regional offices and branches must follow when applying to the competent registration authorities, as well as on various legal issues

introduction of amendments to the Articles of Association3

  • registration of charges and pledges
  • liquidation
  • share capital increase and reduction
  • advice on setting up offices and branches
  • advice on the drafting and approval of internal corporate documents
  • advice on deals involving shares and stakes

Advice on share register maintenance, corporate management and recruitment

Vitalscope Management Ltd provides corporate management services, advises shareholders and founders on the establishment of an effective control system to oversee the company's management

  • recruitment and support in the appointment of directors, secretaries, corporate secretaries and executive directors, as well as other staff, if any, recruitment of top executives (directors, chief accountants) for branches and offices
  • services involving the keeping of personnel records
  • development of mechanisms for company shareholders and founders to interact effectively with the company's top executives and maintain the proper control

Building relationships with banks and financial institutions for account management

Vitalscope Management Ltd assists in building relationships with banks and financial institutions to manage the company's accounts

  • opening and management of bank accounts
  • opening and management of broker and custody accounts
  • support in following "know your customer" procedures at banks and investment companies

Office rental and administration

Vitalscope Management Ltd will assume all responsibility for the administration of your office

  • office rental
  • recruitment of administrative staff
  • assistance in supplying office furniture and equipment

Tax practice and interaction with the authorities

Vitalscope Management Ltd provides tax services and advises on interaction with the authorities

  • advice on corporate taxation, including the taxation of foreign companies, their branches and ultimate beneficiaries
  • representation of companies, their founders and beneficiaries in their relationships with the authorities
  • advice on transfer pricing
  • legal and tax audits
  • advice on transactions, including capital market transactions, as well as on mergers and acquisitions

Bookkeeping, financial and tax accounting

Vitalscope Management Ltd advises its clients on accounting and preparing for independent audits

  • advice on the preparation of financial statements according to IFRS, as well as of the group's consolidated financial statements
  • advice on the choice of the company's accounting principles according to IFRS


Vitalscope Management Ltd provides financial consulting services

  • advice on capital transactions
  • advice on fund-raising: attracting investors, debt financing, IPO/SPO, securitisation
  • advice on project financing: offering project finance options, legal and financial risk analysis
  • financial modelling and assessment: capitalisation calculation, identification of the project’s strengths and weaknesses, analysis of markets and sectors.

Relationships with financial institutions

Vitalscope Management Ltd assists in building relationships with banks, brokers and custodians

  • advice on which bank, banking services and operations to choose
  • assistance in the choice of brokers and optimal product line
  • advice on custodial and registration services
  • advice on building relationships with financial institutions

1Vitalscope Management Ltd is an Administrative Service Provider certified by the Cyprus Bar Association: https://www.cyprusbar.org/FiduciariesPage

2,3 Vitalscpope Management Ltd is not a law firm and may not provide legal services according to the Advocates' Law No. 180(I) 2002 of the Republic of Cyprus. Any qualified legal services are provided by the certified advocates and law firms involved."